LOC Biliteracy Pathway Awards

Create a road map for language learning with Biliteracy Pathway Awards!

Registration is open for schools and districts that intend to participate in the Language Opportunity Coalition Biliteracy Pathway Awards. The pathway awards are designed to encourage and reward long-term, sustained language learning, and can be given in addition to the State Seal of Biliteracy to students in lower grades and proficiency levels.

The award is available in three levels:

  • LOC Bilingual Participation Award (ACTFL Novice-High): For preschool and elementary School Students and students with disabilities (all grades)
  • LOC Bilingual Attainment Award (ACTFL Intermediate-Low): For
  • LOC Bilingual Achievement Award (ACTFL Intermediate-Mid)

By registering, the district is committing to following the requirements for the award program. Registration will also will allow us to contact you with updates and information, and will give you access to customizable certificates for all three levels of the award.

Find out more about the LOC Biliteracy Pathway Awards on our website at

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