Biliteracy Pathway Award Adoption

Schools and school districts may choose to participate in the Language Opportunity Coalition (LOC) Biliteracy Pathway Awards program in addition to the Massachusetts State Seal of Biliteracy. This LOC awards program is coordinated by the LOC and operates independently from the state award.

To participate, school districts must:

  1. Register with the Language Opportunity Coalition to indicate your district’s intent to participate in the LOC Biliteracy Pathway Awards program. The purpose of registration is to create a database of schools and districts participating in the award program. This will allow us to contact you with updates and information and will give you access to the award certificates. After registration, you will receive a link to download the LOC Biliteracy Award certificates.
  2. Follow the criteria and assessment requirements for the LOC awards. By registering with the LOC, your district commits to following the criteria and assessment requirements.  This will ensure the integrity and consistency of the awards.
  3. Submit annual data. By registering with the LOC, your district commits to submit annual data to the LOC on the number and type of awards made, including grade level, partner language, and language program type. This will allow the LOC to report on the importance and impact of the award program in Massachusetts. (See the Data Collection page for details about the data we ask for)

Thank you for your cooperation in following these requirements and supporting state-wide implementation of the awards.

Required information:

  • Contact information for 1-2 people responsible for managing the award program in your school or district.
  • Which year does your district plan to start making the LOC awards?
  • What are the anticipated grade levels?
  • Is the award program school-based or district-wide?
  • Which authority approved the awards program?
  • Did your school or district participate in one or more years of the Seal of Biliteracy Pilot Program (2016-18)?
  • Does your district plan on awarding the State Seal of Biliteracy?

Register and receive a link to download the LOC Biliteracy Award certificates.

Check your email for a confirmation from “Google Forms.” Scroll to the end of the message to find the download link for the award certificates. Note that files must be downloaded to your local computer to edit and print. Please save the confirmation for future reference because the certificate link is not posted on this website.

Next Steps: