Biliteracy Pathway Award Data Reporting

We ask the districts making Biliteracy Pathway Awards report data on the number and type of awards given to our Coalition, so that we can produce reports on state-wide use of the awards.

Reporting Survey: Submit 2022 Biliteracy Pathway Award data to the LOC

  • Your contact information
  •  Language Learning Program Type
  •  # of Awards for Biliteracy Participation Award (novice-high)
  • # of Awards for Biliteracy Attainment Award (intermediate-low)
  • # of Awards for Biliteracy Achievement Award (intermediate-mid)
  • How many “Former English Learners” earned any awards?
  • What languages other than English were students proficient in?
  • If other was selected in the previous question, write the languages here.
  • What assessment instrument was used to determine proficiency in the partner language?