Biliteracy Pathway Award Certificates

The Coalition has created Biliteracy Pathway Award certificates in several different formats.

Certificates have spaces to enter award information (school district, student name, partner language, date, and signatory), plus a line for a signature. They can be printed in color or in black and white.

Certificate Formats

Download instructions for using the LOC Biliteracy Award certificates.

  • PDF with lines: Print certificates and hand-write award information.
  • PDF fillable: Input award information in text boxes and print certificates.
  • MS Word mail merge: Input award information in an Excel file and perform a mail merge in Word to create printable certificates. This is a good option if you need to print a lot of certificates.

To download certificates, please fill out a short registration form (revised May 2022). The download link is included at the end of the form and a copy will also be sent to you by email.

Logo and certificates Copyright © 2019 Language Opportunity Coalition. The LOC Biliteracy Award certificates are for educational use only. Copying or sharing for commercial use is prohibited.

Development of the LOC logo and certificates was supported by a grant from Massachusetts Association of Teachers of Speakers of Other Languages (MATSOL), and were created with input from the Massachusetts Seal of Biliteracy Workgroup. Design by Tyler Kemp-Benedict.