2019 Next-Gen MCAS Criteria

The Department of Elementary and Secondary made this clarification about 2019 MCAS scores for the Seal of Bilitearcy:

The Department has determined that a score of 472 on the Next-Gen MCAS is comparable to the Legacy MCAS score of 240. This is the standard a student must meet to earn a competency determination and the State Seal of Biliteracy. In order to earn a State Seal of Biliteracy with Distinction, a student has to achieve the equivalent of a 260 on the Legacy MCAS, which the Department has determined to be a 501 on the Next-Gen MCAS. Students can also earn a competency determination if they complete an Educational Proficiency Plan and achieve the equivalent of a 220 on the Legacy MCAS, which the Department has determined to be 455 on the Next-Gen MCAS.

From Andy McDonie, Office of Language Acquisition
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Celebrating the 2019 Seal of Biliteracy Awards

School districts across Massachusetts are celebrating students receiving Seal of Biliteracy and Biliteracy Pathway Awards. This post links to articles and photos the coalition has received from participating districts.

Seal of Biliteracy recipients from Holyoke Public Schools

We will update this post as we receive new information. School districts are encourage to send us links, articles, press releases and/or photos to post on this site. Contact us to submit a link.

Three of the 78 Seal of Biliteracy recipients from Lynn Public Schools.

LOC Biliteracy Pathway Awards

Create a road map for language learning with Biliteracy Pathway Awards!

Registration is open for schools and districts that intend to participate in the Language Opportunity Coalition Biliteracy Pathway Awards. The pathway awards are designed to encourage and reward long-term, sustained language learning, and can be given in addition to the State Seal of Biliteracy to students in lower grades and proficiency levels.

The award is available in three levels:

  • LOC Bilingual Participation Award (ACTFL Novice-High): For preschool and elementary School Students and students with disabilities (all grades)
  • LOC Bilingual Attainment Award (ACTFL Intermediate-Low): For
  • LOC Bilingual Achievement Award (ACTFL Intermediate-Mid)

By registering, the district is committing to following the requirements for the award program. Registration will also will allow us to contact you with updates and information, and will give you access to customizable certificates for all three levels of the award.

Find out more about the LOC Biliteracy Pathway Awards on our website at

The Massachusetts Seal of Biliteracy site is live!

Welcome to the new site for the Massachusetts Seal of Biliteracy. This site is managed by the Language Opportunity Coalition, a coalition of organizations that advocated for passage of the Seal of Biliteracy legislation as part of the LOOK Act and coordinated the three year Seal of Biliteracy Pilot Project before the state award was established. (Find out more about our coalition here.)

The resources on this site were developed by the Seal of Biliteracy Work Group, made up of world language, bilingual, and English language educators across Massachusetts. The site will be updated as more resources become available. Please contact us with comments, questions, or contributions to the resource page!

LOC Steering Committee