Implementation Timeline

This suggested timeline for implementation was developed by the SoBL Workgroup based on the experience of school districts during the three year Seal of Biliteracy pilot project.

The information in this section is also available in these documents:

Taking Inventory – ongoing

  • Identify  stakeholders – District Level and School Level
  • Identify philosophy for language learning and review goals of program
  • Identify  assessment practices and how to collect data to determine if program is meeting its goals
  • Identify accolades system in place

Communication – Fall/Winter

  • Contact your allies
  • Inform students and parents of the test, criteria and celebrations
  • Identify  funding sources and timing for partner language testing
  • Identify  how you will award students for biliteracy

Assessment – Winter/Spring

  • Identify  how you will access the Assessment Data for English
  • Identify  how you will access and maintain partner language proficiency
  • Identify whether to implement a portfolio with optional criteria
  • Decide how and when assessments will be administered
  • Collect data to ensure the program is reaching all students at whatever award level they are eligible for